Monday, April 28, 2014

They Got Down and Dirty

The Potomac Watershed cleanup this April 26 run by Friends of Accotink Creek yielded a lot of trash. On three sites that run through or are close to Mantua, volunteers picked up more than 600 pounds of trash NOT including more than 100 packed-full bags of recyclable and non-recyclable trash.

In the Accotink Creek, more than 200 volunteers ages 4 to 73 found: a leather golfbag, numerous tires (for autos and trucks), room-size carpets, a bicycle, a washing machine motor, bed box springs, a metal baseball bat, a bra (that's Ron Wilcox modeling his find below!), and thousands of plastic water bottles and metal soda and beer cans, plus other stuff. For some, it was a family affair, as for the McKnights in the bottom photo. Thanks to the several Scout troops who showed up, and to our neighbors on Barkley who brought their friends and all the kids to pitch in (last photo here)!

Next time you're walking along the Cross County Trail in our parks, remember that these people worked so hard! Take your trash back home with you to recycle or dispose of properly.

There's another cleanup May 3, the final one until the Fall. See the site for more info.

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